Are You Planning An All-Girl Evening At Your House?

Do you often get together with your girlfriends from work on a social basis? Perhaps you have a group of gals from your neighborhood or from your church that enjoys spending time together, maybe even while husbands go bowling. Maybe you take turns hosting the group in your homes. If your turn is coming up, you might be thinking about doing something unique. If so, from showing a self-help video to making goals together, here are some ideas that might help you to plan an extremely memorable event for your friends.

Show A Self-Help Video - Of course, part of the reason that you gals like to get together is probably just to visit, to catch up on each other's lives, talk about your kids and maybe even kid around about your husbands. However, think about telling your friends ahead of time that you will be doing something out of the ordinary at your home. 

Think of buying self-help videos that builds self-confidence and that encourages those who watch it to aim for the stars. Whether you are working gals, whether you are homemakers, or whether you are both, a self-help video will more than likely motivate all of you to enrich your lives. 

Make Goals Together - Think of giving each of the gals a pad and pen so that you can all take notes while you are watching the self-help video. After the video is over, think about sharing the notes you each took. Ask the gals who attend your at-home event what stood out to them as the most helpful counsel. It might be interesting to see that the gals each take something different from the video, something that they needed to hear personally.

For example, one point that might be brought out is just taking time to evaluate how you spend your day. One gal might take from that the fact that she needs to make more time for herself while another person might have been inspired to give more services to others. Think about writing down goals that you can share with each other. In fact, it might be fun to have an Accountability Buddy. 

Maybe you could put each guest's name on a little piece of paper and place the papers in a bowl or a basket. Each gal could draw a name and the person chosen would be the one to check with, to show how goals are being accomplished.