Do Tutors Recommend Focusing On The ACT Or SAT?

For many high school and pre-college students, it is important to remember that there are multiple tests to consider. Some people take both the ACT and SAT, but many do not know which to focus on. Many people like to get tutors to focus on one test or the other so they can improve their scores and potentially get into a better school.

These are some of the things tutors want students to know about the ACT and SAT.

Test Length

The ACT is slightly shorter than the SAT, which means that a tutor may recommend taking the ACT if you struggle to focus for long periods of time. You can also shorten the length of the test further if you opt out of taking the writing portion of the test.

Reading Section

Tutors recommend looking at the subject matter so you can make an informed decision about the content your test covers. When you work with an ACT tutor, you will learn more about text structure, key details, and idea integration. On the other hand, the SAT focuses on the context of words and social studies analysis in texts.

Math Section

If you struggle with math not using a calculator, the ACT may be the better option for you. The SAT allows a calculator on only a portion of the test. When you work with an ACT tutor, you will work on improving your calculator skills so you can arrive at answers more quickly.

Science Section

The SAT does not have a science section, so if you are a science whizz, you should definitely consider the ACT. If you do well on the science portion, you can bolster your score in a way you wouldn't be able to if you took the SAT. A tutor can help you strengthen your skills in data interpretation, experimental results, and scientific investigation.

Get an ACT Test Prep Tutor Today

If you are still on the fence about which test to take, it can be helpful to book a session with a tutor. The tutor will help you assess the test to find out which one is right based on your skills.

Now is a great time to consider a test prep tutor. If you are thinking about taking either exam, it is important that you focus on the steps you can take to improve your score. An ACT test prep tutor can help you get the score you need to get into a good school.