Search Tips To Help You Find The Right Daycare For You And Your Child's Needs

When you are the parent of a young child, often daycare is an expected part of your life and busy schedule. Daycare provides you with an opportunity to continue your education or succeed in the workplace, and it is a reliable child care option to help you not worry about your child's needs while you are away from them. Here are some recommendations to consider when you are looking for a daycare for your child.

Enroll at the Right Age

You may or may not have a choice at what point you are going to enroll your child in daycare, but when you do have some flexibility it is a good idea to consider the development and emotional needs of your child. Some infants and young toddlers adapt well to attending a daycare full time or during a full day schedule, however, some babies can suffer from anxiety. When anxiety stresses you and them out and they may have separation anxiety when you take them to daycare, you should reduce the time they spend at daycare and ease them into the schedule. 

For example, instead of taking them every day for a full eight hours, you can start off with taking them for a half-day three times a week. Then, as they adjust to their new surroundings and get to know their daycare providers, you can lengthen the time they are at daycare and increase their days each week. 

Check Into the Location

Another important step you should take is to tour through the daycare facility and meet the staff before you decide on enrolling your child. This provides you an opportunity to check out their schedule they keep with your child's age and the environment in which they will spend their time. So, for example, will your infant have a specific nap time designated by the daycare, or can they adjust to your child's specific nap time requirements? It is important that the daycare provider can keep your child's nap schedule so it does not disrupt it and you can continue the same schedule when you are at home with your child. 

Ask the daycare provider if they will provide you a daily schedule of your child's activities and progress so you have an idea of what they accomplish each day. This can tell you, for example, how many bottles they drink each day or what meals they eat, how many times their diaper was changed, and what time and for how long they took a nap. A daycare provider that will keep you updated on your child even when you are away is essential.

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