Educational Activities For Your Kids While Staying Home

If you and your child have decided that they will not be returning to school as usual in the fall because of COVID-19 and the continued pandemic, you may be wondering what kinds of educational activities and learning practices you can get into with your child while they stay at home. Of course, they will have their online schoolwork, but you will also have a lot of time at home with them in addition to that which could be filled with educational activities. Get to know a few ideas of educational activities that you can could utilize when you and your child will be at home together in the long-term. Then, you can incorporate one or all of them into your educational routine.

Bird Watching and Research

Science can be something that is hard for you as a parent to teach your children unless you are a biologist or other type of scientist by trade. However, it does not have to be a completely daunting or unpleasant task. 

One way you could incorporate science learning into your child's stay-at-home routine is by encouraging them to engage in bird watching and bird research. Have them observe the birds they can see in their own yard, for example. Help them to identify some of the birds. 

Once the birds are identified, have your child document the behaviors and characteristics of the bird in a notebook or on their computer. Then, have them do research on the birds the saw while bird watching to get to know more about them. Have them write up a report or prepare a presentation on the bird or birds they researched. 

This activity engages not only science, but research, writing, presentation creation, and more. Your child can learn a great deal from these types of activities. 

Educational Subscription Boxes

If you do not want to come up with every activity yourself for your child's supplemental education at home, you may want to consider getting them an educational subscription box for kids. These boxes can be science boxes or can be other types of educational resources and activities. 

The idea is that each month, your child will engage with a new topic and be given the supplies for new activities to try. This could be a great supplement to activities like bird watching and the like that you come up with yourself and can help to keep things fresh and new around your house without actually having to go out in the midst of a pandemic. 

There are even subscription boxes for things like cooking and baking that can help teach your child important practical skills. So, give at least one of these subscription boxes for kids a try in addition to doing some activities like bird watching. 

Now that you know a few educational activities for your kids when you decide to stay at home for the school year, you can get started incorporating these activities into their routine right away.